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Even with the hype that has come with the Internet, consumer reports magazine still proves to be the best and the choice of every customer. Similar to the Internet, consumer reports magazine provides information to people. The only difference is that the Internet has got a pool of information regarding every subject. Consumer reports magazine on the other hand focuses on providing guidance when it comes to purchasing products and services.

Consumer reports magazine reviews products and services according to the warranty, cost, company commitment and reliability. This magazine depends on the reviews posted by customers online after purchasing from an online store or service websites. Following this strategy, the number of complaints received from customers has reduced.

Students as important consumers

The learning process is challenging, from High School to college and then the University. In every phase there is one popular challenging aspect and that is essay writing. These are projects that are mandatory and students should know that the professors were once there. Instead of referring it to as punishment, students should look for better ways to deal with the assignments. And with the Internet around, students have found a better solution to this problem. Ordering a custom essay online is what students are going for. The essay writing companies are quite a number, however not all are fulfilling their obligations to students. That is why it is important to read consumer reviews first before ordering.

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Reviewing services for writing companies

The fact that essay writing companies are here does not imply that all of them are genuine when it comes to offering services. There are those that claim to have plagiarism scanners and a Quality Assurance Department that verify the papers before they are delivered. College students should know that not everything is true. And that is why we insist on reading consumer reports before you place your order.

How we work

We welcome students to share their comments and experiences with the essay writing companies they have worked with. We have created a platform where they can post their reviews for other students to read. We have managed to gather information from many students around the globe and that means when you click you find what you are looking for.

We have gone further to create a numerical ranking system of the best companies based on the quality of the product delivered, reliability, affordability and customer care. We have also compiled videos from the best essay companies for you to watch.